1. Go to the comps Wikia page

2. Create a user name (upper right corner “sign up”).

a. Note: I use the same user name from Wiki for simplicity.

3. Go back to the comps page.

4. Login (upper right corner).

5. Begin to edit by clicking the ‘edit’ pencil along side of your course title down in the body of the page.

6. First, text-edit your book list as required. Follow the “author last name, short title” format you see all over the wikia page.

a. Note: These new entries are just webpage placeholders until you hyperlink these words you just typed to your new additions page in the following steps.

7. Go to the top of the page and click “+add page” icon.

8. A new edit window will open.

9. Choose the title for your next page and enter it here. Use the same “author last name, short title” format you see all over the wikia page. Note: if you keep the title of your new page the same as the author/book title you added to the main organization page (step 6), then it will auto-find this page when you go to create a link in step 17.

10. Then, you can choose between a standard layout (formatted page) or a blank page. Choose blank page.

11. Click “Add a page” on the bottom right-hand corner of this window.

a. Note: this will just give you a blank page to modify for your new addition.

12. Paste your new text into this window. The formatting will be jacked up! Do you best with the limited menu buttons on top of the page.

13. HIT "PUBLISH" at the bottom of the screen when you are finished.

14. Go back to the main organization page.

15. Click the ‘edit’ pencil along side of your course title.

16. Highlight the book title you are working on.

17. Go to the top of the page and click the chainlink “add link” button.

18. A new create/edit window will appear.

19. The title of your last page should appear in the URL window. If not, type it in.

a. Note: below, the “to a Wiki page” radio button should be selected.

20. Hit OK. You will see your title on the main page go from black to blue indicating it is an active link but it won’t save unless you hit save page at the bottom.

21. HIT "PUBLISH" at the bottom of the screen.

22. Test the link.

23. Done.

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