600 Foundatinos of Strategy (Bob O)600 Foundations of Military Theory600 Previous Class Archive
601 Foundations of Strategy601 Previous Class Archive627 History of Air Power I
628 History of Air Power II628 Previous Class Archive632 Previous Class Archives
632 Strategy and Coercion643 Strategy and Campaign Planning644 Irregular Warfare
660 Technology and Military Innovation665 Space Power and National Security667 Information and Cyber Power
670 Contemporary Defense PolicyAirpower Concept Timeline v4Allison and Zelikow, The Essence of Decision
Allison and Zelikow, The Essence of Decision (XXI)Archive (from past classes)Arkin, Divining Victory
Axelrod, The Evolution of CooperationAxelrod, The Evolution of Cooperation (XXI)Biddle, Rhetoric and Reality in Air Warfare (XXI)
Bijker, Hughes, and Pinch, The Social Construction of Technological SystemsBilly Mitchell, Winged DefenseBousquet, The Scientific Way of Warfare
Boyd: A Discourse on Winning and LosingBoyd: A Discourse on Winning and Losing (XXI)Brate, Technomanifestos
Brauer and Van Tuyll, Castles, Battles, & Bombs (XXI)Brauer and van Tuyll, Castles, Battles and Bombs: How Economics Explains Military HistoryBrenner, Cyberthreats
Brinton, The Anatomy of Revolution (XXI)Brodie, Strategy in the Missile AgeBull, The Anarchical Society (XXI)
Bungay, The Most Dangerous EnemyBungay, The Most Dangerous Enemy (XXI)Burrows, This New Ocean
Callwell, Small Wars (XXI)Carr, E.H., The Twenty Years' Crisis, 1919-1939Carr, The Twenty Years' Crisis (XXI)
Clausewitz, On WarClausewitz, On War (XXI)Cohen, Supreme Command (Lesson 3)
Corbett, Some Principles of Maritime Strategy (XXI)Corbett, Some Principles of Maritime WarfareCorum, The Luftwaffe
Corum, The Luftwaffe (XXI)Corum and Johnson, Airpower in Small WarsDebray, Revolution in the Revolution
Defining victoryDefinitions of StrategyDolman, Pure Strategy
Douhet, Command of the AirDouhet, Command of the Air (XXI)Doyle, Ways of War and Peace (XXI)
Ernesto "Che" Guevarra, Guerrilla WarfareEverett Dolman, AstropolitikFreedman, Evolution of Nuclear Strategy
Fuller, The Foundations of the Science of WarFuller, The Foundations of the Science of War (XXI)Galula, Pacification in Algeria 1956-1958
General Comp Prep Ideas (XX-PJ)General Comp Traits (XX-PJ)Gillespie & Weller, Harnessing the Heavens
Gilpin, Global Political Economy (2001)Gilpin, Global Political Economy (XXI)Gilpin, War and Change in World Politics
Gilpin, War and Change in World Politics (XXI)Goldstein, Lessons in Disaster: McGeorge Bundy and the Path to War in Vietnam (Lesson 7)Grayling, Among the Dead Cities
Griffith, MacArthur's AirmanGriffith, MacArthur's Airman (XXI)Guevara, Guerrilla Warfare
Guide to Schelling's Two Forms of CoercionGurr, Why Men RebelHalperin & Clapp, Bureaucratic Politics and Foreign Policy (Lesson 5)
Harvey, et al, Emerging Space PowersHasik, Arms and InnovationHattendorf, Mahan On Naval Strategy (XXI)
Have not returned to me yet for repentance.Hoffman, Inside TerrorismHone, Friedman, and Mandeles "American and British Carrier Development"
Horne, The Price of GloryHufbauer, Economic Sanctions RevisitedHughes, Moltke on the Art of War (XXI)
Hughes, OverlordHuntington, The Soldier and the StateIkle, Every War Must End
Instructions for modifyingJakab, Visions of a Flying MachineJanis, Groupthink
Janis, Groupthink (XXI)Jervis, Perception and Misperception in International PoliticsJervis, Perception and Misperception in International Politics (XXI)
Jervis, Perception and Misperception in International politicsJoes, Resisting RebellionJomini, The Art of War
Jomini, The Art of War (XXI)Jomini Notes by HawkeyeJones, In The Graveyard of Empires
Kagan, Ikenberry, and Kurth -- American Strategy after the Bush Doctrine (Lesson 8)Kennett, The First Air WarKennett, The First Air War (XXI)
Keohane, After Hegemony (XXI)Khong, Analogies at WarKhong, Analogies at War (XXI)
Kilcullen, The Accidental GuerrillaKiras, James. “Irregular Warfare” in David Jordan, et al. Understanding Modern WarfareKiras, Special Operations and Strategy
Klein, Space WarfareKuhn,The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (XXI)Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962)
Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual MachinesLarrabee, COmmander in Chief: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, His Lieutenants, and Their WarLarrabee, Commander in Chief: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, His Lieutenants, and Their War
Lawrence, The Evolution of a RevoltLesson 11 Vietnam: The Air War over South Vietnam (Ian Horwood, Interservice Rivalry and Airpower in the Vietnam War)Lesson 12 Strategy, Doctrine, Theory: Air Power Matures (James Kitfield, Prodigal Soldiers--pp. 123-299; See next lesson for John Olsen reading)
Lesson 13 Gulf War: Strategic Air Attack (John Olsen, John Warden and the Renaissance of American Air Power; and Strategic Air Power in Desert Storm--pp. 127-296)Lesson 14 Gulf War I: AirLand Battle (Diane Putney, Airpower Advantage; Gulf War Air Power Survey; Eliot Cohen, "The Mystique of Air Power"; David Deptula, "Firing For Effect"; Daryl Press, "The Myth of Air Power...")Lesson 15 Air Power over Kosovo: Revival or Retreat (Dag Henriksen, NATO's Gamble: Combining Diplomacy and Air power in the Kosovo Crisis)
Lesson 16 Contemporary Experiences at Air War (Thomas Erhard's USAF Acquisitions Strategy)Lesson 1: Brodie - Strategy in the Missile AgeLesson 1 World War II: History, Memory, and Airpower (Stephen Walt, "The Search for a Science of Strategy: A Review Essay"; David MacIsaac, Strategic Bombing in World War Two; Gian Gentile, How Effective is Strategic Bombing?)
Lesson 2 Admirals and Generals: Air Power Gets a Role (Jeffrey Barlow, Revolt of the Admirals)Lesson 3 Berlin Airlift: Air Power Makes the Cold War Cold (Andrei Cherny, The Candy Bombers)Lesson 4 Korean War: Air Power in a Straitjacket (Robert Osgood, Limited War: The Challenge to American Security--pp. 13-27; Conrad Crane, American Airpower Strategy in Korea, 1950-1953)
Lesson 5 The Korean War: Air Power, Chinese Style (Xiaoming Zhang, Red Wings Over the Yalu)Lesson 6 Space: Science, Technology, and the Frontier (Walter McDougall, The Heavens and the Earth: A Political History of the Space Age)Lesson 7 The Strategic Air Command: Relating Policy, Strategy, and Operations (Campbell Craig, Destroying the Village: Eisenhower and Thermonuclear War; David Rosenberg, "The Origins of Overkill: Nuclear Weapons and American Strategy, 1945-1960")
Lesson 8 The Vietnam War: Air Power Underwrites Risk (Martin Windrow, The Last Valley: Dien Bien Phu and the French Defeat in Vietnam)Lesson 9/10 Vietnam: The Air War over North Vietnam (Mark Clodfelter, The Limits of Air Power: The American Bombing of North Vietnam; Stephen Randolph, Powerful and Brutal Weapons)Lia, Architect of Global Jihad
Liberty versus Security (Lesson 2)Libicki, Conquest in CyberspaceLiddel Hart, Strategy
Liddell Hart, Strategy, 2nd Revision (XXI)Lonsdale, The Nature of War in the Information Age (2004)Lord, Perils and Promise of Global Transparency
Lord Tedder, Air Power in WarLyle CCDELyle Design
Lyle SOD and DesignLyle Strat to plansLyle Thucydides
Lyle TreatiseLyle service planning doctrineMacKenzie, Inventing Accuracy
Mackinder, Democratic Ideals and Reality (XXI)Mackinder, The Geographical Pivot of History (XXI)Mahan: On Naval Strategy
Mahnken, Technology and the American Way of War Since 1945Mansfield/Snyder, Electing to Fight (XXI)Mao, On Protracted War
McCurdy, Faster, Better, CheaperMcDougall, ... the Heavens and the EarthMcMaster, Dereliction of Duty (XXI)
McNeill, The Pursuit of PowerMeilinger, Trenchard, Slessor, and RAF Doctrine Before WWIIMiller, War Plan Orange (XXI)
MiscMitchell, Winged Defense (XXI)Moltke on the Art of War
Moltz, The Politics of State SecurityMoore, Twilight WarMorgan, Deterrence and First Strike Stability in Space
Morgan, Images of OrganizationsMorgan, Images of Organizations (XXI)Morrow, The Great War in the Air
Mozi, Selected Writings (XXI)Nagl, Learning to Eat Soup with a KnifeNeufeld, Von Braun
Norris, Spies in the SkyNuclear Strategy ChartOlsen, The Logic of Collective Action
Olson, The Logic of Collective ActionOlson, The Logic of Collective Action (XXI)Osinga, Science, Strategy and War (XXI)
Overy, Battle of BritainOvery, The Air War, 1939-1945Overy, The Air War, 1939-1945 (XXI)
Pape, Dying to WinParet, Makers of Modern Strategy (XXI)Parker, The Military Revolution: Military Innovation and the Rise of the West, 1500-1800
Past Class ArchivePeattie, SunburstPeattie, Sunburst (XXI)
Peterson, International Regimes for the Final FrontierPosen, The Sources of Military DoctrinePost-strike monday
Post-strike thursdayPost-strike tuesdayPost-strike wednesday
Qutb, MilestonesReynolds, The Fast CarriersRobert Pape, Bombing to Win
Rosen, Winning the Next WarSAASS 627 ArchiveSAASS Comps Prep Wiki
Sagan & Waltz, The Spread of Nuclear WeaponsSample Comps QuestionsSample Questions
Schelling, The Strategy of ConflictSheehan, M. The International Politics of SpaceSherman, Air Warfare
Sherry, The Rise of American Airpower (XXI)Shultz, Armed GroupsSinger, Corporate Warriors (Lesson 10)
Singer, Wired for WarSlessor, Air Power and ArmiesSlessor, Air Power and Armies (XXI)
Smith and Marx, Does Technology Drive History?Sorensen, The Process and Politics of Defense Acquisition (Lesson 9)Spires, Beyond Horizons
Steil & Litan, Financial StatecraftStrategy and Coercion GuideSugar's tips on comps
Sun Tzu, The Art of WarSun Tzu, The Art of War (XXI)Sunstein, Infotopia
Taleb, Black SwanTami Davis Biddle, Rhetoric and Reality in Air WarfareThe Constitution (Lesson 1)
Thomas Schelling, Arms and InfluenceThucydides (XXI)Tillman, Whirlwind
Tooze, the Wages of Destruction (XXI)Trinquier, Modern WarfareTuhkachevskii: Deep Battle and Op Art
USMC Small Wars Manual, 1940 (XXI)Wakelam, The Science of Bombing (XXI)Waldrop, M. Mitchell, Complexity (1992)
Waldrop, M. Mitchell, Complexity (XXI)Waltz, Theory of International PoliticsWalzer, Just and Unjust War
Walzer, Just and Unjust WarsWalzer, Just and Unjust Wars (XXI)Wells, The War in the Air (XXI)
Westermann, FLAKWhite, Medieval Technology and Social ChangeWildenberg, Destined for Glory
Winton, An Imperfect Jewel (XXI)Wohlstetter, Pearl Harbor: Warning and DecisionWylie, Military Strategy
Wylie, Military Strategy (XXI)XIX Post-Strike ReportsXX Post-Strike Reports
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