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Strategy Administration Force Targeting Timing Mechanism Outcome Coercion Type
Massive Retaliation Eisenhower Nuclear Aggressor Total Our choosing but instant Total Destruction End local aggression Compellance
(Mutually) Assured Destruction Kennedy/ Johnson (McNamara) Nuclear (Countervalue) / Counterforce (no cities) Immediate Total (Mutual) Destruction Prevent Aggression Deterrence
Flexible Response Kennedy Nuclear/ Special Ops/ Conventional Limited Specific Our choosing Surgical/ Variable Maintain Status quo / Regional Stability Deterrence Compellance
Schlesinger Doctrine Nixon/Ford Nuclear Selective Counterforce Our choosing/ Controlled Escalation Controlled Destruction Stop Soviet Invasion Deterrence Compellance
Selected Attack Carter Nuclear Political/ Economic Our choosing Societal Disruption Elite Elimination Deterrence
Détente Reagan SIOP Limited across full range of counterforce Our choosing Build-up then Arms control/ Security/ Stability Reduce Tension Deterrence

Spoon's Chart

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